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These are the general local rules of the Minors Division of (DSBP) Devon Strafford and Berwyn Paoli Little League Softball for the Spring 2019 season. Except as specifically modified herein, all 2019 Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules (“LL Rules”) will be followed. Note that certain LL Rules may be restated below for convenience. To the extent there is a dispute regarding these general rules, the decision/interpretation of the Vice President of Softball shall be conclusive.

Mandatory Play

  • Every player on a team roster in attendance shall participate in the game. Coaches should make all reasonable attempts to cause each player, who is in attendance for the entire game, to play at least two (2) innings in the field per game.
  • NO player shall sit out twice until everyone has sat once.  If both teams have 10 players, field 10 players (4 outfielders) so a single player does not have to sit by themselves on the bench.
  • Coaches must rotate the players in the game so they play both infield and outfield.
  • Each team will bat all players in consecutive order, including players who are not playing in the field. Coaches must rotate the batting order throughout the season, so the same girls are not always at the bottom or the top of the order
  • Any player injured or who otherwise leaves the game early (and will not return) will be skipped in the order (no automatic out). If a player is injured or otherwise leaves the game early and the coach desires to have the right to have such player return to the game, the player will be skipped in the order and an automatic out will be charged for any such skipped at bat.
  • Any late player after the game begins will be added to the last position in the batting order.
  • Coaches may substitute freely; players may re-enter game at any position (including pitcher).

Regulation Games

  • Games are scheduled for 6 innings
  • No inning can begin after 1 hour 30 minutes has passed from the start of play: provided, however, subject to field availability (e.g. no games scheduled immediately after the game in question) and prior to the start of the game, both coaches and the home plate umpire may agree to extend the time for which a new inning may begin from the start of play. The umpire shall keep the official time.
  • Defensive play shall consist of nine (9) players, including three (3) outfielders. If a team has less than nine (9) eligible players but at least six (6) eligible players at the start of the game, the team may play the game with that number of players in attendance- and will borrow defensive players from the other team or call up minor league players to field 9 players on the field. The team will bat all players in attendance and will not be charged with an automatic out for having less than nine (9) players in the batting order. If a team starts a game with less than nine (9) eligible players and one or more eligible players arrive after the start of the game, such players will be added to the end of the batting order and will be permitted to join defensive play upon being ready to play (in uniform and ready to immediately participate in play) and upon completion of the current batter’s at bat (and completion of the live action incurring from such at bat).
  • If a team does not have at least six (6) eligible players within ten (10) minutes after the scheduled start time of the game, the team shall forfeit the “official” game; provided, however, the teams are encouraged to play a scrimmage game during the allotted time with whatever players are available, including the sharing of players if necessary to have sufficient players on a team.
  • If during a game, one or more players become unable to continue to play as a result of injury or illness and, as a result, a team ceases to have at least six (6) eligible players, the team shall forfeit the “official” game unless the following criteria are met: (i) at least four (4) innings (five (5) in the playoffs) have been completed (3.5 innings in regular season/4.5 innings in the the playoffs if the team is the home team), and (ii) the team in question is leading the game by more than five (5) runs (7 runs in the playoffs). If during a game, a team ceases to have at least six (6) eligible players other than as a result of injury or illness, then the team will forfeit the game. If a forfeiture occurs, the teams are encouraged to continue playing the game as a scrimmage game during the allotted time with whatever players are available, including the sharing of players if necessary to have sufficient players on a team.

Maximum Run Rule 

  • 5 Runs Per Inning (applies to ALL innings including the last inning).
  • There will be NO 5 run rule during the Minor Division playoffs; the 10-run mercy rule will be in effect. (i.e., after 4 innings, or 3 1⁄2 if the home team is ahead by 10 runs, the game is official and complete).


  • Maximum 1 walk (or hit batsman) per inning
  • After there has been 1 walk (or hit batsman) in an inning, in all subsequent at-bats that inning where the pitcher throws 4 balls (or hits a batter), the manager/coach shall come in to pitch the remainder of the at-bat to his/her own players. The batter inherits the number of strikes the pitcher already threw and either puts the ball in play or strikes out
  • The manager or coach must throw from the 35 foot pitching rubber.
  • The umpire will call pitches thrown by the manager/coach. Managers/coaches can strike out their own players (called or swinging) but cannot walk them.
  • The manager or coach ONLY gets a maximum of three (3) hittable pitches as determined by the umpire.  If the batter does not get a hit after 3 hittable pitches, the batter is out. If the hitter fouls off the third hittable pitch, then the hitter gets another pitch. 

Leading and Stealing

  • A runner is permitted to leave the base and take a lead after the ball reaches the batter.
  • A runner is permitted to steal 2nd and 3rd base. Runners are not permitted to steal home or 1st base (no dropped 3rd strike rule).
  • A team cannot steal more than 4 bases per inning.
  • A runner cannot steal more than 1 base per pitch. There is no advancing of a runner who has stolen a base on an errant or over-throw attempt to catch the runner. We want catchers to attempt to make the throw so that they can develop that skill.
  • A team leading by ten (10) or more runs may not steal unless/until the lead is under ten runs. This rule will not apply in the playoffs. 

Live Ball

  • The ball remains in play and is live until an infielder has control of the ball in the infield. 
  • Runners can advance only one base on an overthrow to 1st base. Otherwise, if a fielder overthrows 2nd, 3rd or home, the runner can continue to advance.
  • No Infield Fly Rule
  • No Dropped Third Strike Rule 

Bat Swinging/Bat Throwing/Bunting-Slapping 

  • There is no on-deck batter. Only the batter at the plate may have a bat in hand. All other players are to remain at the bench or in the dugout.
  • The first three (3) batters each inning and each subsequent batter shall have a helmet on in preparation for her at-bat.
  • After hitting the ball, batters must drop the bat and run down the first base line. In the interest of catcher safety, batters cannot throw their bats back towards the catcher/backstop.  If a player throws her bat, her team will receive a warning. After a team has received a warning, all subsequent bats thrown will be recorded as an out for that batter.
  • Players are permitted to bunt/slap.  However, players may not show a bunting position/fake a bunt and then pull back and swing at a pitch.


Outfielders must be positioned no closer than the edge of the outfield grass at the beginning of each pitch.  Outfielders cannot make a force out at a base themselves; they must throw the ball to an infielder to record a force out.  

Pitching Limits

No girl shall pitch more than two (2) innings per game. We want to develop pitchers, so we would prefer that your better pitchers do pitch at least once every game.


  • Student umpires are used in this division. 
  • It is NEVER acceptable to argue with the umpires.
  • Start each game with a friendly conference with the umpire and the other manager.  Agree on the ground rules, strike zone, and any issues that are likely to come up.
  • If there are negative or derogatory comments about the umpiring coming from the crowd, it is the responsibility of the manager/coaches to address the issue and put an end to it. Please complete the umpire evaluation form after each game and send it to the league director. 

Home vs. Visitor

  • The home team will occupy the first base dugout.
  • The home team is responsible for paying the umpire(s).
  • The home team is responsible for staffing the snack bar at Toscani
  • The visiting team will be responsible for lining the field and ensuring that a regulation size pitching rubber is securely placed (actually fastened to the ground) on the field at the proper pitching distance (35’ measured from the back point of home plate to the front of the pitching rubber).  There are parents that volunteered for this job- please check with the VP of softball for the list of volunteers.


Winning team reports the final score to the Minor League Director after each games.


  • All pitchers must wear a protective face mask/guard at all times.
  • Coaches should encourage all players to wear a protective face mask/guard at all times while playing in the field, particularly third base and first base
  • All bats and batting helmets must comply with Little League International standards (bats must include a current 1.20 bpf stamp).
  • Metal cleats are prohibited.
  • All play will be with a standard 11” regulation softball; which has maximum compression of .375 and a maximum COR of .47.
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