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Commitment to Safety

BPALL's Highest Priority

For Berwyn Paoli Area Little League, player and family safety is our top priority—period. As far as organized youth sports go, Little League baseball and softball are widely viewed as safe, healthy activities. Game- and practice-related injuries are nominal. And the Field of Dreams environment is secure and vigilant. But safety is and always will be our first focus.

Our expectations of coaches and managers, and our recommendations for parents/guardians and spectators—with regard to safety—are as follows:

Coaches & Managers EXPECTATIONS

  • Ensure all team and player equipment meets league standards and is functioning properly.
  • Engage players in proper stretching and warm-up activities to safeguard against injury.
  • Inspect playing fields before games and practices for holes and dangerous objects/obstacles.
  • Encourage players to hydrate and watch for signs of heat exhaustion.
  • Teaches batters the proper technique for minimizing injury in the case of a wild pitch (turn your back to the oncoming ball—“show your numbers”).
  • Monitor pitch-counts to ensure pitchers remain within Little League standards to protect against fatigue and arm/shoulder injury from overuse. 
  • Treat minor injuries with RICE - rest, ice, compression and elevation.
  • Monitor potentially threatening weather and immediately cease play and seek shelter at the first sign of lightning.
  • Remain informed on player food/medicinal allergies and ensure teammates and parents respect the seriousness of these threats.
  • Keep players and other children from climbing fences and off dugout roofs.
  • Ensure that players carry bats by the barrel and that warm-up swings—by they serious or playful—be taken at a designated location, a safe distance from other players and fans.
  • Ensure an environment of respect and politeness within the team. Bullying and disrespectful behavior will never be tolerated in our program. 
  • Remain vigilant for suspicious activities and strangers at practices and games.

Parent/Guardian & Spectator RECOMMENDATIONS

  • Ensure all player equipment meets league standards and is functioning properly.
  • Equip players with plenty of water and Gatorade (or equivalents) at practices and games.
  • Notify coaches immediately of any player illnesses, injuries, conditions, or allergies.
  • Keep children from climbing fences and off dugout roofs.
  • Remain watchful at practices and games, looking out for all children (be they players, spectators, siblings at play).
  • Teach your players the proper vigilance and caution regarding strangers.
  • Pay attention during games (practices too). Foul balls are best fielded with one’s hands and not one’s head.
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