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Role of the Little League Parent

Culture of Volunteerism

Little League thrives or fades by the volunteer. We, the parents—of current, future, and sometimes past players—are the stewards and guardians of Berwyn Paoli Area Little League and its traditions. We are the administrators, coaches, team managers, umpires, field-hands, fund-raisers, and concessions staff. 

We urge you to invest in your children’s Little League experience (beyond signing them up and cheering them on). Volunteer some time and effort to the program and/or teams, a modest principal by most measures when considering the returns—a magical and community-driven experience for all BPALL children and, for you, a sense of being part of something bigger; something special. 

Visit our Volunteering Section for more information. Or reach out to our Volunteer Coordinators at [email protected].

Support for Players, Team & Program

You know the drill. What you say, how you behave—all on full display for our boys and girls. The players hold the main-stage on the fields of play. But we occupy a stage of our own in the stands, the sidelines at practice, and at home. Like the coaches, volunteers and umpires, our example must be sterling, and our support, thoughtful and unwavering. 

  • Winning is nice. Playing the game with heart and fight—even better. Remind your children of that.
  • Bleachers brimming with enthusiasm and encouragement make for a greater experience for the children.
  • Let your applause and voice be heard in the most positive of ways.
  • Lend your voice and support for the struggling player, regardless of uniform. 
  • Applaud good plays and effort made by both teams. League/community comes before team.
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship and character at every turn. Our children are watching and listening.
  • Allow the coaches and managers to coach and manage.
  • Respect the umpire and his/her calls. They will make mistakes. That makes them human.
  • At the conclusion of the game or practice, help the teams tidy the fields and dugouts. Field of Dreams is our sacred ground. 

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