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These are the general local rules of the Coach Pitch Division of (DSBP) Devon Strafford and Berwyn Paoli Little League Softball for the Spring 2019 season. The Coach Pitch Division is an instructional league. Play may be delayed at any time for instruction and coaching; however, coaches should use discretion concerning frequent stoppages of play. With the exception of the adult pitcher and one defensive coach, no other coaches should be on the field of play while the game is in progress.

Official Little League Softball Rules (minor league) apply including the rules set forth below.

Game & Inning Duration

  • A regulation game is 6 innings (5½ if the home team is ahead). After 90 minutes have elapsed, the inning in progress should be completed and no new inning is to start.
  • A half inning ends when the offensive team has scored 5 runs or 3 defensive outs are made, whichever comes first. The most runs a team may score in a half-inning are 5, including the final inning.


  • A team batting order will be used and every player bats in order. A batter is entitled to 3 swinging strikes or 5 total pitches (more pitches may be thrown, at the discretion of coaches).
  • After 5 total pitches (foul balls with two strikes do not count and the batter will get another pitch), the player may put the ball in play off of a tee. 
  • There are no walks. 
  • If the player has previously struck out in the game, the batter will put the ball in play off a tee after a third strike.


  • The entire team will be used in the field - a pitcher, a catcher, 4 infielders in normal positions, and the rest of the team as outfielders who must be stationed on the outfield grass (at least 15 feet away from the base paths) until the ball is hit. 
  • Each player must play at least 2 innings and no more than 4 innings per game at an infield position, pitcher or catcher, and at least 2 innings in the outfield. No player may play more than 2 innings in the same position or at 1st base and pitcher.


  • An adult from each team will pitch underhand or use a machine to their own team. The adult pitcher should start their delivery with one foot on the mound (dirt area). 
  • Conventional softball rules regarding swinging strikes and foul balls shall apply when an adult is pitching. 
  • Once a batter hits a pitched ball into fair territory, it becomes playable (no minimum distance); however, a batter must take a full swing since bunting is not permitted.
  • The adult pitcher is not permitted to touch any ball in play. A batted ball which strikes the adult pitcher is in play.
  • The pitcher (player) must have one foot on the mound (dirt area) next to or behind the adult pitcher until the ball is hit.

Base Running

  • No Stealing. Runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball is hit.
  • No infield fly rule.
  • If the ball is hit into the outfield (reaches the outfield grass), the runners may advance until the ball is returned to the infield. Runners may then only advance to the base to which they were running when the ball is returned to the infield.  A ball is returned to the infield when (a) a fielder carries the ball from the outfield grass to the infield diamond (dirt or grass), or (b) a fielder throws the ball and it lands on the ground or is touched by any player in the infield diamond (dirt or grass). 
  • If the infield diamond is not marked or cut out, the outfield grass shall be approximately 15 feet beyond the base paths.
  • Time is out when (a) any runner has stopped because a fielder has control of the ball, either at the base occupied by a runner or the next base, or (b) the pitcher (player) has possession of the ball in the pitcher’s circle.
  • There will be one base awarded to any runner in the event of an overthrow to defensive player when the ball goes out of play.
  • Coaching the bases may be done by adults so long as they remain off the field of play. There should be at least 1 coach (or parent) present on the bench/dugout at all times to help and supervise safety.


Each team should select adults familiar with the Coach Pitch rules to be umpires. The 1st base coach makes calls at 1st and foul balls on the 1st base side. The 3rd base coach makes calls at 3rd and foul balls on the 3rd base side. The adult pitcher makes calls at 2nd and home. Only the umpires should make the calls.


  • Only bats meeting Little League standards may be used at practices and/or games.
  • If a bat is thrown for any reason except an accidental slip while swinging at a pitched ball, the umpire shall issue 1 warning per player. On any subsequent offense, the batter will be called out.
  • There is no “on-deck” circle and warm up swings are not permitted in the dugout areas.
  • The only player who may take warm up swings is the player up to bat at home plate. 


  • No jewelry may be worn during Little League play (no earrings, necklaces, or bracelets) except Medic Alert bracelets, which must be taped securely.
  • The home team will use the 3rd base benches and is responsible for preparing the field for play prior to the game and for clean-up and storing the bases and any equipment after the game unless needed for an immediately following game
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