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Equipment Information

Equipment requirements are fairly straightforward.  DSBP supplies balls, shirts, and catcher’s equipment.  The league also provides a limited number of bats and helmets, and many kids have their own.

Glove:   You should be looking for a youth-sized leather mitt with a deep pocket for softball (they are often referred to as fastpitch softball gloves).  Make sure you know which arm your child uses to throw.  Don't spend too much at the younger ages - soft leather will aid their ability to catch.  Please see this link regarding glove size by age.  Do not worry too much about position - at the younger ages all kids are infielders and outfielders. 

Spikes/Cleats:   All-around cleats work here (even soccer cleats).   Make sure they're not metal.  

Shorts vs Baseball Pants:  Many girls prefer to wear shorts when playing softball.  In the older age groups (minors and above), sliding is common, so if your player is wearing shorts, they should get a pad for their leg called a “slider”.  If they chose to wear pants, grey baseball pants work best, and you do not necessarily need a slider when wearing baseball pants.  They're inexpensive and widely available at most sporting goods stores.

Helmet with Face Guard:   DSBP provides a limited number per team, and we recommend that players have their own - it's sanitary and ensures quality head protection.  For tee-ball and coach pitch divisions, Play It Again Sports, Target, and Dick's Sporting Goods (see coupon below) have very good buys.  For older girls (minors and above), we recommend batting helmets with attached face guards, though these are not required by Little League International.

Face Guard/Mask: DSBP requires all players in the infield to wear a face guard- DSBP will provide one in each equipment bag.  It is recommended that players have their own- it's sanitary and ensures face protection.

Bats:  The league provides a limited number of team bats, and many kids have their own.  All bats that have a stamp printed with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.20 are legal for use in Little League.  Please refer to this link for advice regarding how to choose the proper bat size. 

Please note that Little League has not yet imposed a moratorium on composite bats in softball.

Any questions regarding equipment can be directed to