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Juniors & Seniors

Division Director: Guy Ciarrocchi

The Upper Divisions of DSBP Softball includes Juniors and Seniors,.  Girls in 7th Grade and above (League age 12 to 16) play in these divisions and play is competitive.  Twelve-year olds in Seventh Grade may play on a team in either Majors, Juniors, or both, upon request.  Games are scheduled against other area leagues.

            Juniors – 12 to 14 year olds (pitching is from 40 feet). 
            Seniors – 13 to16 year olds (pitching is from 43 feet)

Depending on player registration, we may field one or more teams in each division.  If there are not enough players registered for a team in a lower division, those players are eligible to move up to a team in a higher division.  A team from each division is eligible to represent DSLL in their respective Little League World Series Tournaments.  A player must play in 60% of their team's regular season games to be eligible for the Tournament Team.